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Save the Date! April 25, 2021!

English Language Events


Daf Yomi for Women -Podcast

Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber

7:10 am Israel | 5:10 am UK | 12:10 am EST


Opening Shiur

Shayna Abramson

12 pm Israel | 10 am UK | 5 am EST


Celebrating International Women’s Talmud Day with Drisha

Rabbani Leah Sarna

4:30 pm Israel | 2:30 pm UK | 9:30 am EST


IWTD Gathering for Alumnae and Friends of the Dr. Beth Samuels Drish Summer High School Program

Rabbanit Leah Sarna

5:15 pm Israel | 3:15 pm UK | 10:15 am EST


Lost in Linguistics and Limericks

Rabbi Eryn London and the Sugya Sistas, Janine Stein and Rina Wolfson

10 pm Israel  | 8 pm UK | 1 pm EST


Of bread and boundaries. Reflections on the Chetzi shiur in tractate Yoma

Dr. Mira Neshama Niculescu

6 pm Israel |  4 pm UK |  11 am EST


Quaking in My Shoes

Yael Nitzanim

7:00 pm Israel | 5:00 pm UK |  12:00 pm EST


Camberville Open Beit Midrash International Women’s Talmud Day Event

Professor Lynn Kaye & Rabbi Emily Kapor-Mater

10:00 pm Israel |8:00 pm UK | 3:00 pm EST


Flagship Event: Three Different Looks at Masekhet Yoma


The Crown Jewels of the Jewish People

Ilana Kurshan

8 pm  Israel | 6 pm UK | 1 pm EST



Fasting as Inuy and Eating as Inuy: a Lesson on the Theology of the Food and Eating

R. Dr. Avital Hochstein

8:30 pm Israel | 6:30 pm GMT | 1:30 pm EST


Valuing Health and Preserving Life: Ancient Medicine in Tractate Yoma

Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash

9:00 pm Israel | 7:00 pm UK | 2:00 pm EST


French Language Events


A time for weeping and a time for laughing 

Myriam Ackerman Sommer

5 pm France | 4 pm Israel | 2 pm UK | 10 am EST


Hebrew Language Events -אירועים בעברית


פודקאסט -דף יומי לנשים

הרבנית מישל כהן פרבר



עבודת יום הכיפורים במקדש ובבית הכנסת: יומא דף ס"ח עמוד ב' - דף ע' עמוד א

הרבנית ד"ר חנה השקס



תפילות הכהן הגדול השזורות בעבודת יום הכיפורים

הילה נאור



הותרה או דחויה- הגדרה יוצרת מציאות

רוית קלך


There will be Talmud videos from Yeshivat Maharat throughout the day.

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