Women's Talmud Study in the Orthodox World: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Headed? Thursday May 10, 8 pm at the Yedidya Synagogue. Join us for an evening with women Talmud educators that will explore the state of women's Talmud study in the Orthodox world today: Where are we now? Where are we headed? This event is co-sponsored by Kehillat Yedidya.

Jerusalem: Through My Eyes, Saturday May 12, 9:15 pm Harakevet 16. In honor of International Women's Talmud Day and Jerusalem Day, come learn Talmud about Jerusalem from the women of Jerusalem.  Three different women - Jewish educators who live and work in the city - will tell us about Jerusalem through their eyes, using the Talmud as their guide.

Sunday, May 13, 9 pm at 25 Tzipori Street: All-women's shiur on Masekhet Kiddushin.


Sunday, May 13, 6 pm at Pardes: International Women's Talmud Day class with Gila Fine.

New Jersey 

Women's Mincha and Talmud Class, Saturday, May 12, 6 pm at 5 Chittenden Road in Fairlawn. Come join us for a Women’s Tefillah event!  Mincha at 6:00 pm followed by pot luck Seudah shlishit with shiur given by Jennifer Seligman on Women and Torah Study in honor of International Women’s Talmud day which is on Sunday May 13. See you there!

Saturday, May 12 at at 5:00 PM in the Raskin Library Congregation AABJ&D, West Orange: Women's Gemara Shiur led by Robyn Shoulson in honor of International Women's Talmud Day. This shiur is dedicated l'ilui nishmat Rabbi Ozer (Tony) Glickman.


New York


MoHouws Beit Midrash: Shavuot Torah with Atara Cohen, Sunday, May 13, 6:30 pm at the Moishe House on the Upper West Side: A special shiur on love of the Torah with Maharat student Atarah Cohen. Dairy dinner provided.



Day Yomi for Women Shiur with Michelle Cohen Farber Sunday, May 13,  8:15 am at 20 Bentov Street: This daily shiur as part of the only daf yomi podcast taught by a woman. 

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