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Talmud Source Sheets

Love & Waiting, a Talmudic Perspective on Relationships, by Yaffa Epstein and Karen Sponder

Teaching like Ms. Frizzle and Like Rabbi Hiyyah, by Alanna Sklover 

Halachik Authority and Modern Democracy, by Shayna Abramson

Berakhot 6a: Does God Only Daven in a Minyan and Why Does He Wear Tefillin? By Shayna Abramson

Who Can Do Laundry on Chol Hamoed, by Shayna Abramson

Minyan Via The Internet, by Rabba Eryn London

Shavuot, Receiving the Torah, by Rabba Eryn London

Do Mitzvot Need Kavannah, by Rabba Eryn London

Hachnasat Orchim, by Rabba Eryn London

From That Hour The Doom Was Sealed, by Rabba Eryn London

Tzedaka Saves from Death, by Nancy Coren

Talmud Webinars and Videos
Yerushalayim & Bavel, Then and Now
Learn Talmud Like An Artist
Talmud: A Guided Tour
Why We Wrote Down the Oral Law and What Happened Next
Holding the Book: Talmud Study and Family Life
An Abundance of Torah
Interview with Ilana Kurshan, author of "If All the Seas Were Ink", at Yeshivat Maharat
Daf Yomi for Women, International Women's Talmud Day 2018
Audio Shiur on Pesach Sheni with Rabbanit Gila Rosen (press the play button below):
The Talmud :
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The Text of The Talmud

The Text of Rashi's Commentary on the Talmud

The Text of Tosafot's Commentary on the Talmud

A List of Talmudic Commentaries Available Online at Sefaria

General note on using Sefaria: To change the language/access the English translation, click on the title of the text you wish to study, then click on the א icon, which will give you different language options.


Access to photocopied pages of Talmud in traditional format, with Rashi and Tosafot on the sides.

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