On May 19, 2019 - Pesach Sheni - women around the world will gather to celebrate International Women's Talmud Day:


A day to encourage women’s Talmud study, create a feeling of community among women who study and teach Talmud, and highlight women’s Talmud scholarship.

How can you participate?


  1. Teach: a class at your local school or synagogue, or in your home. Want to teach, but never taught Talmud before? We can send you source-sheets.

  2. Learn: at one of our events, use our online Talmud resources, and/or sign up for our siyum of Masechet Pesachim.

  3. Host: If you work at a synagogue, school, or community center, organize an event for your community. Examples include: A Woman Seder, complete with four courses of divrei Torah and food, a panel on women’s Talmud Study, an open women’s Beit Midrash. Feel free to reach out to us for ideas!

  4. Create: a Talmud source sheet for our website

  5. Check in: Go Facebook live learning or teaching Talmud. Or post a Talmud-learning selfie of yourself to social media, with the hashtag #WomenlearnTalmud

For more info, check out our Facebook event.

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